What can I expect on my first bill?

Your first bill will include all the installation and setup charges related to your account. Also you will also be charged a Pro-Rata amount.

What is Pro-Rata?

When you sign up for a new account, you are automatically assigned to one of our billing cycles.

Your 1st monthly bill will be calculated based on the number of days between your sign up date and the date of your billing cycle (inclusive). This is commonly known as a pro-rata amount.

What is a post paid plan?

Your billing cycle data is the day of the month when your bill is generated. It's assigned at the time when you sign up your post-paid service and remains the same throughout the time you spend connected with us. Your billing cycle date is also the day when your Post-Paid plans included value gets restarted.

Can I stop certain types of call being made?

Yes you can activate barring from your mobile or land line. You may request 3 outgoing types:

  • Premium rate calls normally 0900 x
  • International calls
  • Toll calls from land lines or all calls from a mobile.

If you have call barring in place, you will still be able to receive calls from these types. There is no fee associated with barring/unbarring call types. Please call customer service to activate barring.

How long will it take for my service to activated?

To have a new land line connected takes 5 days for metro areas, 10 days for rural areas and 15 days for major rural areas depending on available network infrastructure. If you are bringing over an existing service from another provider this can take between 4 and 10 days however it is unlikely you will lose your service during the change.
A new Broadband service connected takes between 5 and 7 days after the land line is fully connected. A new mobile service can be activated on the same day once you have the sim card between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

What shall I do if my broadband service won't connect?

The first thing to do if you are having difficulty connecting to the internet is to unplug your modem from the computer and from the power socket for 20 minutes. Once this time frame has elapsed connect everything back up again and try to connect to the internet. If you still cannot connected please call customer service.

How do I stop Premium SMS?

You can use these service from your Black + White mobile phone but be conscious of what the charges are as we don't set the rates and some services can see you ramp up the dollars quickly. If you wish to stop receiving a premium text service reply to the text you receive from the provider with the word STOP. This will be responded to with a final free text confirming the cancellation of the service.

Click here for a list of the text codes and related charges which is correct at time of publication.

How do I turn on and use International Roaming? How much will it cost?

With Black + White you can roam on up to 231 networks in over 210 different destinations.

Call us free from your Black + White mobile phone on 990 before you leave to activate this service, a credit check will be conducted and you may be required to provide a deposit.

If you forget, you can always call us from a landline overseas on +64 28 850 00 990.

For full information about roaming rates and confirmation that you can roam in the country you are visiting call Members Services on 990 from your B+W Mobile.

Whatever country and whatever network you use the following rates will apply:

  • Receiving a call: $1 per min
  • Sending a Text: 80c
  • It is free to receive a text message.

Note that rates are charged per min and rounded up to the nearest minute. Some operators charged from the moment a number is dialled. Data rates are quoted per MB and will be rounded up the a whole MB. Please note there is no GST on roaming charges.

Things to know before you go roaming.

  1. You pay to receive calls when you're roaming.
    When you're overseas, the person calling you pays the same as they always do when calling your Black + White mobile phone. You will be charged when receiving calls anywhere in the world. This charge is to cover their call to be forwarded to you overseas, and the charge for the local network to connect you.
  2. Making sure your mobile phone will work where you're roaming to.
    Your Black + White mobile phone works on most networks, but not all. Check the listing for the country you're going to. If their frequency is listed as 900 or 1800, you're definitely OK. If it's 1900, your mobile will need to be Tri band. If it's the rare 850, it will need to be Quad band. Not sure about your mobile? Look it up in your manual or your mobiles manufactures web site.
    If your mobile phone doesn't work at your destination and you travel there often, you might want to upgrade to one that does. Check out our range of mobile phones. If you are a Black + White member you have access to the low members-only pricing.
  3. Voicemail
    Calls may only go to your Voicemail if your mobile phone is turned off or you have "diverted all calls to Voicemail". If you do not answer or reject a call, it will not go through to your Voicemail. You will still receive free text notification of voicemail messages while you are roaming.

You will need to dial the long number for voicemail:

Set up before you go:

Set your voicemail number to +64 28 85000998. Under your "Messages" menu, look for something like "Voicemail number". It may be under "Settings" or "Voice Messages", depending on your mobile. Know your four-digit password! If you're not sure what it is, just call voicemail from your mobile phone while you're still here in New Zealand, and follow the voice prompts to change your personal settings and your password. Then you can set it to something you'll remember.

Update your contact list for international dialling

When the numbers in your mobile phone use the format +64 21 345 678, you can dial them just as easily within New Zealand or from anywhere in the world. Just replace the first zero of a number with +64:

  • 03 345 6789 becomes +64 3 345 6789
  • 021 345 678 becomes +64 21 345 678

Sometimes when you switch on your mobile phone overseas the local network will try to push new settings down to your mobile. Please DO NOT accept these. Your B+W mobile phone has the correct settings in it to work properly and these new settings may stop your mobile phone from working when you come back to New Zealand.

How do I activate my Sim Card?

Please call us and select option 1 for the customer activations team between 8:30am and 5:30pm and we can activate your mobile service on the same day. You can also email the customer activation team with the following details:

  • Black + White account number
  • Billing name
  • Mobile service number
  • SIM serial number
  • Preferred activation time
  • An alternate contact number

How can I check my mobile coverage?

We provide our Mobile service through the Vodafone network, go to Mobile Coverage and enter your street address to find coverage in your area.

Can I keep my current mobile number?

You can bring your mobile phone number from any another New Zealand mobile operator to Black + White. Yes you can keep your current full phone number.

To bring your number On Account customers (i.e. if you get a monthly bill rather than have prepay where you top up) you will need your mobile phone number & account number (from your monthly bill).

Pre pay customers will need your SIM card number if with any other NZ mobile operator.

After having chosen your Plan and Options just fill out our online application which will step you through what we need from you. We will not disconnect your current service until we have been in contact with you so don't be concerned that anything is going to happen without you knowing about it first.

However if you want a new number we can happily provide you with one, it will start with 028.

What are Black+ White mobile phone settings?

If you have not bought your mobile phone from us once you receive your Black + White SIM card and have activated your service you will need to change your mobile phone setting. It's very easy.

Mobile Configurator


After you have selected the make and model of your mobile phone and entered your mobile number you will be sent a text message with the settings.

You need to do this individually for WAP, MMS and Internet settings.

They will then be automatically loaded. This service is free of charge and takes less than one minute. In some rare circumstances this can not be done using the text service in which case you will be shown a step by step guide.

Alternatively, or if your mobile isn't listed you can input the below settings manually the user guide you got with your mobile will have instuctions on how to do this.

Manual Configuration:


Name: "Black+White MMS" or "B+W MMS"
APN name: wap.m2.net.nz
MMS Gateway IP Address:
MMSC URL: http://m2.nzmms.net.nz/pxtsend
MMSC port: 9201 for WAP1.x or 8080 for WAP2 phones


Name: "Black+White WAP" or "B+W WAP"
APN name: wap.m2.net.nz
User name: "leave blank"
Password: "leave blank"
HTTP Proxy server:
Proxy port: 9201 for WAP1.x or 8080 for WAP2 phones


Name: "Black+White Internet" or "B+W Internet"
APN name: www.m2.net.nz
User name: "leave blank"
Password: "leave blank"
Proxy server: "leave blank"
Proxy port: "leave blank"

Smtp for outbound ISP pop3/imap4 email: smtp2.vodafone.net.nz

This is required for those members wishing to collect or send their personal ISP email while connected to the Black+White network. It is often referred to as the 'outgoing mail server'.

If you have an iPhone we have set by step instructions below.

How do I access voicemail on my mobile phone?

To access your voicemail, please dial 998.

How do I change the settings on an iPhone to use it on Black + White?

The iPhone is not capable of receiving data settings as a text message, so will need to be configured manually.

  1. On the handset, tap Settings.
  2. Scroll to and select General.
  3. Scroll to and select Network.
  4. Select Cellular Data Network.
  5. Select the APN field, and enter www.m2.net.nz
  6. Tap return.
  7. Username field can be left blank
  8. Tap return.
  9. Password field can be left blank
  10. Select the MMS APN field and enter wap.m2.net.nz
  11. Username and Password can be left blank
  12. Scroll to MMSC field and enter http://m2.nzmms.net.nz/pxtsend
  13. MMS Proxy should be
  14. Press the home button to return to the main screen.
  15. Tap Safari.
  16. Tap on the address bar.
  17. Enter http://www.bw.co.nz and tap Go.
  18. Wait for the page to load, then tap on the add symbol.
  19. Tap Add Bookmark.
  20. Enter Black + White as the title, and tap Save.
  21. Press the home button to return to the main screen.

What you need to know about leaving us before the end of your term?

When joining Black + White on certain mobile, fixed line or broadband plans there may be a charge should your Black + White service be cancelled, disconnected or plan downgraded for any reason prior to the end of a stipulated term. All such time frames run from the time your service was activated.

For example:

Handset/Hardware recover fee:

If your service is cancelled prior to the end of the specific term, this fee will apply if you have been provided hardware free of charge, subsidised below the members price or paying via staged payments such as our Monthly Repayment Option (MRO), the amount payable will be equal to what you would have paid for the hardware had you not taken the free, subsidised or MRO hardware option.

Mobile Service Early termination Fee:

This fee will apply if your service is cancelled prior to the end of a stipulated term, the fee will be the sum of the access fee for the remaining months. This is normally the case with our business, Corp or Barter plans. For Smart Plans and Business Advantage this fee will be half the remaining sum of the access fee for the remaining months.

Express termination fee:

This is applied if your service is cancelled without providing us 30 days notice as directed by us.

Landline + Broadband services:

For all landline, toll free and broadband (ADSL or VDSL) services, an early termination fee of $299 effective 31 July 2014 and $179 prior applies per service, or channel with respect to ISDN, which are cancelled or moved to another service provider for any reason.

Account Credits:

Should you cancel your agreement prior to the end of your minimum term any account credit provided for any reason may be reversed.

If you have any questions about your specific plan please contact our member services team click here to see how to contact us.